Prep For A Colonic

How To Prepare For Your Colonic Hydrotherapy Appointment At Be Beautiful Salon In Preston

Using your colon from decades of toxic waste is amazing for your health. It is a treatment that will leave you feeling fresh, energised, and healthy. But are there any steps you should take to prepare for this treatment? Here at Be Beautiful in Preston, we know all there is to know about colonic irrigation and hydrotherapy. Consequently, we have produced this guide to help you prepare for colonic irrigation.


One of the main influences on your bowel, colon, and digestive system as a whole, is of course, your diet. Whatever you eat will have different rates of digestion, and be of varying use to your digestive system. As a result, when it comes to preparing for your colonic, you need to think about your diet.


2 litres of water a day may sound like a lot, but that is simply how much water our bodies need to stay healthy and hydrated. Making sure you drink enough water in the 3 days before your treatment will help keep your bowels in great shape. Also, it can make the treatment more effective.


High in fibre and nutrients, vegetables need to be part of your everyday eating plan. However, in the 3 days before your treatment, try and up your vegetable intake. This will help your colon clear out more waste naturally, helping you to feel great.

Fizzy drinks

Of course, we all know that fizzy drinks are bad for our health. But in preparation for your colonic irrigation, it is best to avoid fizzy drinks for a few days. This is because waste becomes traps behind areas of gas, caused by these soft drinks. During the treatment, although the gas will be removed, some of the waste may be left behind. If you avoid the fizzy drinks however, the treatment will remove all of the waste and toxins.

In summary

Your colonic irrigation will be more effective and help you feel healthier, if you follow our diet guide. For more information or advice, or to book your colonic, contact us at Be Beautiful today.

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