Balayage Experts

Balayage Hair Colour Experts At Be Beautiful Hair Salon in Fulwood, Preston

Balayage is one of the most popular hair colour trends of the last few years and continues to be the most requested hair colour service in our Fulwood hair salon. 

For those who are unsure what balayage is, we are here to help! We will happily guide you through the technique and explain which balayage hair colours would work best for you.  Simply book in for a complimentary colour consultation so we can find your perfect balayage look. 

Please note: We ask that you come in for a quick skin allergy test at least 48 hours before your hair colour appointment to ensure you will not suffer any adverse reactions to the colours involved. 

What Is Balayage?

Balayage is a French term means "to paint or sweep" and refers to the way the hair colour is applied, not the colour itself. Our balayage experts are highly trained to create a bespoke, natural-looking hair colour that appears sunkissed and effortless with the hair colour soft at the roots and lightening gradually toward the ends.

The balayage hair colour method is popular amongst many women as it is low maintenance, meaning that you visit the salon less often for a hair colour service, saving you time and money.  Balayage can be used on all hair colours including blondes, redheads and even fashion hair colours. 

There is a wide range of balayage colour techniques that we can use depending on the look that you desire, including babylights, root melts, colour melt or free-hand highlights. 

Is Balayage The Same As Ombré?

The two techniques are often confused and can appear similar depending on how subtle the finish is. Ombré hair colouring produces a more clearly contrasting colour between the roots of your hair to the tips, whereas balayage is a more subtle and multi-dimensional hair colour method, with just a few sections added through the roots. 

Ombré can be used to create a more bold look and looks fantastic with fashion hair colours. Ombré can even be reversed so that your roots are much lighter with dark ends, a trend made popular in recent years by Billie Eilish.

Moneypiece Highlights

Not sure whether you are ready to go for a complete balayage look?  Then it's time to flirt with a face-framing hair colour, or "Money Piece" at Be Beautiful Hair & Beauty Salon in Fulwood, Preston.

Whether you decide to add 1990s-style Money Piece highlights like Ginger Spice, or you desire subtle face-framing highlights, this is one hair colour trend that is here to stay.  You can choose natural hair colours or even fashion hair colours with this trend, we can create brightening face-framing highlights in all colours and on all hair bases.

Root Melts

Unlike the root shadow (see the first image), which can create a contrast between the roots and the lighter hues in a balayage, the root melt seamlessly blends the colours together for a smoother, natural looking, "lived in" balayage. 

The look can be used from brunette to blonde or vice versa, but the whole idea of a root melt is that the transition from one colour to the other is seamless and barely detectable.

Balayage With Fashion Hair Colours

Whilst blonde and brunette tend to be the most popular balayage hair colour choices, we are seeing a rise of clients in our Fulwood salon choosing to add fashion hair colours to their balayage service. 

Adding fashion colours such as pastel pink shades to you hair with balayage is a way to add interest, give a little hint to your playful side and experiment with colour without a big commitment. Ask your Be Beautiful colour expert for advise on how we can add pastel hair shades or vibrant fashion colours to make your balayage "pop".


Book A Balayage Hair Consultation At Be Beautiful Hair Salon in Fulwood, Preston

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