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We really do have something for everyone with our incredible nail services at Be Beautiful Hair & Beauty Salon in Fulwood, Preston!  Whether you're looking for a mini manicure, a luxury pedicure or Thai manicure, some long-lasting gel nails, acrylic and polygel nail extensions, or nail art, you can rely on our nail technicians to create the perfect set of nails for you.

Always at the cutting edge when it comes to beauty, we even offer new Rubber Gel Nails which are perfect for weak or damaged nails as the rubber base bends and flexes with your natural nail which can grow and recover beneath your gorgeous outer gel nail.

If you are unsure which service to try, our experienced nail experts will be happy to guide you.  We even offer a service where we will give you a free nails trial on just one nail so you can see how it looks!

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Rubber Gel Nails

Rubber Gel Nails are a wonderful way to protect your natural nails while showing off your beautiful long-lasting gel nails on top!  They are specifically designed to give extra strength to nails that are flaking, brittle, thin or splitting.   Our Rubber Gel Nails come in dozens of beautiful, high pigmented colours and are cured under a UV light which ensures your nails will remain beautiful for up to four weeks (with care), with no shrinking or lifting.

Traditional Gel Nails 

Gel nails are another great way to transform your nails, giving you long-lasting nails with a super high shine finish.  We use ibd Just Gel, Jessica Gel and OPI Nail Polishes which are 100% true gels that are cured under a LED or UV light.  This sets the gel polish to make sure there will be no chance of your nails smudging, chipping or peeling.  Your nails should remain perfect for up to three weeks and gel polish can be applied to your natural nails or  on acrylic nails.

Gelish Polygel Nail Extensions

Gelish PolyGel Nail Extensions are strong, flexible and super light nails that look sensational and last for up to 21 days before requiring maintenance.  Gelish Polygel can be applied as an overlay or used to sculpt a full set of elegant long nails. When it's time to remove or replace your nails, please visit our Fulwood salon as this must be carried out by a nail professional to look after your natural nails underneath.

Acrylic Nail Extensions

Another superb options for nail enhancements is to have acrylic nail extensions at Be Beautiful Salon in Preston.  When applying acrylic nails, your nail technician will use a monomer liquid and polymer powder to create the sculpted nail, blending a special hard-wearing plastic tip to give you beautiful long talons.  Again, please visit our beauty salon so we can either infill your acrylic nails after 2-3 weeks or remove them after 6 weeks or so.  

Nail Art Including Diamantes, Free-Hand Painting & Piercing

We offer a superb range of nail art options including marble effects, transfers, piercing, free-hand painting, glitter, diamantes and, of course, an incredible set of nail colours.  You can also have Swarovski diamantes added for added wow factor.  If you would like nail art over your gel nails or nail extensions, just chat to your nail technician so we can create the look you desire. 

IBX Nail Treatment For Damaged Nails

If you struggle with dry, flaking, damaged nails then it's time to try our IBX Nail Treatment at our Preston beauty salon.  It helps to strengthen the nail from within by targeting imperfections and weaknesses, allowing you to grow stronger, healthier nails. Grooves, splits and peeling nails will be smoother and your natural nail colour will improve.  For those who fancy the ultimate nail repair treatment, consider combining this with a paraffin wax treatment (excellent for dry or ageing hands or feet).


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