Achieve A Radiant Complexion With Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning in Preston at Be Beautiful Beauty Salon


Be Beautiful Hair, Beauty & Aesthetics Salon in Preston offers bespoke facials, skin peels & dermaplaning to perfectly suit your skincare needs, using the latest skincare technology for youthful, radiant and flawless skin. We use the latest techniques and top quality skincare products to increase firmness and smooth the texture of the skin.

Dermaplaning is a highly effective facial exfoliating treatment which will leave your skin looking and feeling smooth and radiant for up to four weeks. This effective beauty tretment involves using a surgical scalpel to gently scrape off the dead skin cells and downy, fuzzy hair from the surface of your skin. 

Suitable for most skin types, dermaplaning works to remove dead skin cells and fine hairs which can build up on your face. This can lead to a dull complexion and make skin appear flaky. If left untreated it can also lead to spots and breakouts due to clogged pores and hair follicles. 

If you suffer from acne prone skin or have regular break outs of spots and pimples, dermaplaning can actually help prevent future breakouts. It is not advised to have a treatment duing an active breakout.

Dermaplaning should only ever be carried out by fully trained professionals, and you can sure you will be in safe hands with the skin care experts at at Be Beautiful. Please book a consultation so we can discuss what you would like to achieve and come up with a plan to help with your issues or concerns.  Call 01772 792211 or 01772 651775.