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Body Treatments At Be Beautiful Salon In Fulwood, Preston

Our body treatments are designed to target specific concerns such as cellulite, stretch marks, circulation and ageing lax skin.  If you are unsure which treatment is right for you, why not book in for a complimentary consultation where we can explain the process and recommend the perfect body treatment for you? 

We also offer some wonderful body treatments for pregnant women and new mums.  If you would prefer a massage, please view our Massages page here including Full Body Massages, Aromatherapy Massages and Hot Stone Massages.

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Body Treatments at Be Beautiful Hair & Beauty Salon in Fulwood, Preston

Mineral Body Wrap 

Suitable for dry, itchy and tired skin, the Mineral Body Wrap improves blood cirulation, provides minerals, relieves discomfort, itching and burning, while relaxing your body and skin. This treatment includes a full body scrub, mask and application of body firming oil.

Anti-Cellulite Firming Body Wrap

This wrap acts as an exfoliator, helping to accelerate your natural skin regeneration process to give you smoother, firmer, improved skin tone.  It will also improve the elasticity of your skin.  Includes an anti-cellulite body scrub, body mask and anti-cellulite firming butter.

Regenerating Body Wrap

Exfoliates dead skin, stimulates microcirculation by smoothing and relaxing your skin.  It also gently nourishes and slows the ageing process of the skin which makes it ideal if you want to improve the appearance of stretch marks.  Includes regenerating body scrub, tightening body mask, and application of regeneration body lotion.

Body Slim Sugar Peeling Wrap

This wrap contains caffeine and plant extract with active ingredient BODY3 COMPLEX which improves microcirculation, reduces cellulite, and firms your skin.  In turn, this stimulates the metabolism which helps to discharge unwanted fluids to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Includes slimming body scrub, thermo mask, and application of slim body lotion/gel.

Full Body Scrub & Massage Package

Why not create a 90-minute treatment by choosing a body scrub and massage of your choice to personalise your treatment and results. 

Mum To Be Massage

This is a relaxing and muscle pain relief treatment for the mum to be which is safe for pregnant women after the first trimester.  We offer a 45 minute back, neck and shoulder massage or a full leg massage, or a 75-minute or 90-minute full body massage working with pregnancy-safe oils and heated poultices for relaxation.

Post Pregnancy Massage

This muscle and ache relief treatment is a must-have treatment for new mums to help them relax and unwind post-delivery.  We offer a 45-minute back, neck and shoulder massage, or a 75-minute or 90-minute full body massage including abdominal area using special oils and heated poultices.  Treatments are safe for breast-feeding mums.

Mum To Be / Post Pregnancy Massage Package

Why not enjoy the luxury of both treatments in one?  This relaxing 90-minute treatment will include a full body massage and full body scrub - designed to leave your skin looking more radiant and feeling super smooth.  

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