Detox Packages

Fat Freeze, Brazilian Butt & Tummy Lift & Colonic Irrigation

Combine three of our most popular detox and weight loss treatments and save money with the Detox Package at Be Beautiful Beauty Salon in Preston!  This special offer is available at £235 and includes:

Fat Freeze:  A clinically proven, non-invasive treatment that significantly reduces fat by 20-40% by inducing lipolysis.  There is no pain and no downtime.  Find out more about our Fat Freezing weight loss treatments in Preston here.

Brazilian Butt Lift & Tummy Tightener:  This fabulous treatment sculpts, lifts and tones the bottom, reduces cellulite and induces lymph drainage. The tummy area is smoother, tighter and fat is reduced.  No downtime either.  Find out more about Butt Lifting & Tummy Tightening treatments here.

Colonic Irrigation:  Improve your gut health and gain a flatter stomach with Colonic Irrigation at Be Beautiful Salon in Fulwood, Preston.  This treatment can help with difficult weight loss, allergies, fatigue, frequent colds and even depression. Gut health is very important to overall health.  Find out more about the best Colonic Irrigation treatments in Preston here.

Book our Detox Package online here, or call 01772 792211 or 01772 651775 for more information.