Hair Colour Tips

The Best Way To Maintain Your Hair Colour - Top Tips From Preston's Best Hair Salon

Do you miss the feeling of when you walk out of the salon with your hair feeling vibrant and soft from your newly refreshed colour? We’ve compiled a list of our top 4 tips to make sure your colour lasts as long as possible!


Imagine buying a beautiful designer coat and then washing it with Smartprice Dishwashing liquid, It would be fair to say that the colour of the fabric would fade quickly and lose its luxurious feel wouldn’t it? Now, why do the same with your hair?!

Thousands of people spend their hard-earned pounds getting the colour of their dreams, not realizing that they are then going home and using shampoos and conditioners that have the same ingredients as most cheap hand soaps. Shampoos and conditioners that contain Sulfate and Silicons strip your hair and then coat it in a layer of plastic that then becomes very difficult to remove and can even have chemical reactions when professionally coloured over.


We hear your cries! But your hair actually feels so soft and shiny because of the coating that is caused by having Dimethicone in your conditioner. But eventually, this layer wears away and leaves your hair strand worse than when you first started. All of the tips we give you today are important but without doing this first step, you can’t rely on the others to save you!

Here at Be Beautiful, we love the Morrocanoil range for all our shampoo needs!


 So, you’ve been in to see us and you’ve received the balayage of your dreams! Now how do you keep it looking beautiful and creamy rather than brassy and bland?

When your hair is toned in the salon it is typically done with a semi-permanent gloss, it helps to smooth the hair back down after lightening and it tones the hair to the desired shade. However, there is a common misconception to how long toners actually are designed to last. Most standard toners suggest a longevity of 3-4 weeks or approximately 6-8 shampoos. Certainly not long enough to last until most blondes regrowth appointment, or if you have a balayage the next two months until you get a refresh!

This is where a purple/silver shampoo comes into play! It is a shampoo that contains violet pigments that counteract any unwanted brassy tones. We recommend using a purple shampoo once a week to prolong the life of your colour.

Our fave purple shampoo is Wella Blonde Recharge!

This doesn’t just apply to blondes, we have a wide range of colour refreshing shampoos for all hair colours!


Whilst we’re on the topic of washing your hair our next tip is to wash and rinse your hair with cold water! This is extremely important for anyone with vibrant colours such as Reds, Purples or any other vivid colour.

Heat opens up the cuticle so washing and rinsing your hair in hot water can increase colour fading and can even reduce the effectiveness of any treatments you might be using! Cold air closes and smooths the cuticle back down and when used to rinse out a colour refreshing shampoo or rinsing out treatments it can actually increase the effectiveness of your product.


Whilst using professional grade shampoo and conditioner is THE most vital thing for colour longevity, making sure you don’t fry your hair with heat would have to be the closest runner up.

We’re not saying don’t heat style your hair! We’re just saying make sure you use adequate protection whilst you do! The heat of a hair straightener can and will burn the toner out of your hair, applying heat potectant before you heat style your hair can not only increase colour longevity but it also preserves the integrity of your hair.

Our fav heat protectant is the Moroccan Oil Perfect Defense!

 *Special note: Coconut oil is not an adequate treatment for the hair or to be used as a heat protectant as its burning point is 180c (the temperature of most hair straighteners) and once it reaches this smoking point it becomes carcinogenic and burns the hair.