Fat Freezing FAQs

Three Things You Didn't Know About Fat Freezing At Be Beautiful Salon In Preston!

Freezing fat cells is a revolutionary treatment. At Be Beautiful Hair & Beauty Salon in Preston, our Fat-Freeze Ice Lipo is clinically proven to reduce fat cells, without a needle. We are literally, fat reducing experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to our top 3 facts, that we bet you didn’t know, about fat-freezing.


Fat cells hate the cold. More so than any other tissue in your body. In fact, they are so sensitive to extreme cold, that by exposing a fatty area to a cold temperature, the fat cell will freeze. This creates ice crystals in the fat cells, and ultimately destroys them. The body can then rid itself of these fat cells.

Using this knowledge, Fat Freeze Ice Lipo has been designed. This makes it possible to use handheld paddles to apply a very low temperature to the specific target area. Within this area, the fat cells will react to the cold, while the rest of your tissue remains unaffected.


Our Fat-Freeze Ice Lipo can take some time. In fact, some treatments take up to two hours! As a result, this is the perfect chance to take some time for yourself. Relax, have a rest, we know how busy and hectic your schedule is. During this treatment, you can chill out, while your fat freezes. Some of our customers bring their laptop, or watch a movie during the procedure!

In addition, the treatment is completely non-invasive. As a result, you can go straight back to your day without any hassle or recovery time.


Our Fat-Freee Ice Lipo is perfect for obvious body parts such as the tummy, waist, back and the inner or outer thighs. But did you know that its also fantastic for smaller areas. Your chin, to the back of your arms, your neck, knees and even your bra line can benefit from this treatment.

Losing fat in these areas will make difference than many people realise. In fact, you could even drop a dress size!


Fat-Freeze Ice Lipo relies on fat cells responding to extremely cold temperatures. This will freeze your fat cells and literally kill them off. The treatment is the perfect way to treat yourself. Not only will you gain an improved body and a higher confidence level, but you can also take some relaxing time out. Finally, our treatment is also perfect for small, hard to reach places, like the chin, knees and bra-line. Contact us at Be Beautiful in Preston to find out more.